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I have never once thought that seeking Chinese Fortune Telling services via a website can be so fascinating. As a matter of fact, I have never believed it¡¦s possible until I came to utilize your website. I look forward to seek more of your professional advices in the very near future! At least, your advices give me an wider angle and different perspective in looking problems that increase my creativity and problem solving ability. I will highly recommend your website to others especially my family members. I look forward to seek more of your professional advice in the very near future!

William Ford


"I was at a crossroad and contemplating changing my career but I needed a another opinion from someone. I'm glad to consult a Chinese Feng Shui Master.

.... to my astonishment the prediction was quite accurate especially on my previous and current luck. Looking back, it really helped me to make an appropriate decision. I will not hesitate to introduce any of my friends to Master Wu."

California, USA


"What is important and fantastic is the prediction of the my true love.

From my reading made in May 2003 it was predicted that my love would appear in July 2003. Since my first marriage came with a sad ending. I did not think I will fall in love so quickly. However, this turned out to be dead accurate, I met him. We fell in love and got marry last year."



I was very impressed with the Full Life Fortune Telling Report's high accuracy in reflecting my personality & character, romance and compatibilities, etc. .

This is the first time I have come across a service of Chinese Fortune Telling analysis in English and I appreciate the professionalism in
your report. You have been amazingly helpful & enlightening,

Michele Fleming
London, UK

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Chinese cultures worldwide have a rich history in Online Fortune Teller and spiritual methods of influencing the world around them. Everywhere is no exception, and Online Fortune Teller abounds in world. Online Fortune Teller methods vary widely, from the well-known Feng Shui (geomancy) to the, Zi Wei Dou Shu, Bazi, I Ching (divination by eight diagrams) to divination by features of the face. There is even Chinese palmistry - similar and yet very different from it's Western counterpart. In the links above we have basic details on the most common forms to be found in Taiwan.

For the tourist, Online Fortune Teller is a fantastic way to have a truly unique Chinese experience. Night markets, especially the fixed, main ones, offer a variety of different fortune tellers. Additionally, sometimes they can be found with tables set up on the street. Some, especially those specializing in areas particularly important to weddings and business (like Feng Shui) have offices. For most tourists, the easiest way to find a fortune teller is to visit one of the night markets, preferably with a local to assist in translating. The Chinese use of fortune sticks, known as ‘Chien Tung? is considered the oldest known method of Online Fortune Teller. The Chinese perform this ritual not as a "fortune-telling game" for self amusement, but as a historically practiced and religious art. It is generally said that a person’s future becomes his past through the present: the successful man is one who understand well what has happened, experiences acutely what is happening, and comprehends what is indicated in the future.

The Online Fortune Teller method of ascertaining the future is based upon a long known correlation of human and natural events and is accomplished symbolically by means of fortune sticks. Using both hands, the fortune teller holds a bamboo or leather container containing numbered sticks and shakes it, causing one of the sticks to rise and fall out. The number on the stick is cross-referenced with ancient texts to obtain a fortune. These fortunes are generally short poems or rhymes and generally indicate the possibilities and general conditions which lie ahead, not specific details about events. This in turn helps people order their lives to meet or prepare for those conditions. The particular Online Fortune Teller indicates but does not guarantee your future. Just as a road signs points your way, but you must decide and travel the route yourself. These Online Fortune Teller make great gifts and are fabulous coffee table conversation pieces. Online Fortune Teller is located at So come and see what lies in your future with Online Fortune Teller.

In Chinese astrological thought, a "rabbit person" is graceful, cultured, well-mannered, articulate, talented, and ambitious. They are virtuous, reserved, and have excellent taste. The Dragon is the only mythical creature in the Chinese zodiac. In China, dragons are associated with strength, health, harmony, and good luck; they are placed above doors or on the tops of roofs to banish demons and evil spirits. The snake is usually considered attractive, wise and enchanting. The Snake person loves books, music, clothes, fine food and wine; but with all their fondness for the finer things in life, their innate grace and elegance gives them a dislike for frivolities, small minds and foolish talk. The Horse personality is often willing to give as well as expect a lot of liberty. These people are extremely independent and confident. The horse person is very quick-witted, inquisitive and determined. The Goat or Sheep is thought to be the most artistic or creative sign of the zodiac. The Sheep is artistically talented and has a great sense of fashion.

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